SCANFLEX ® Petro CY PUR - 300/500 V


SCANFLEX® Petro CY PUR is used at petrol stations, oil depots etc. The cables are oil and petrol resistant, but are not suitable for direct burial in the ground.



Untinned Cu wire, class 5



Conductor color

Special colour code

Filling sheath

Polyester foil


Braided Cu screen >80%

Outer sheath

PUR, grey RAL 7001 or blue RAL 5015

Technical data

Working temperature

+80º C

Rated voltage

300/500 V

Test voltage

1200 V

Bend radius

10 x cable diameter

Technical comments

Inductance: < 0.6 mH/km.
Impendance (Ω): 88 Ohm
Capacitance (pF/m): 70
Insulation resistance: > 100 Mohm/km.
Conductor resistance: < 50 Ohm/km.
Shield resistance: < 9 Ohm/km.


IEC 60332-1, CE, RoHS
Bending radius 10 x cable diameter
Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
For petrol stations, oil deposits and refineries
Max. working temp. +80° C
Resistance towards oil and chemicals
SKU EAN Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Winding Color Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
107205002P 5704403048236 2x2x0,5 - D./Cut Grey 8,1 86
107105002P 5704403039425 2x2x0,5 - D./Cut Blue 8,1 86
* The values can have small deviations